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from the first consultation until the controlling of all costs incurred.

Sustainable concepts

through long lasting ressources and choice of competent partners.



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We use materials that are used repeatedly, disposable material is consistently avoided. Our suppliers must prove their concepts to conserve resources. The Partners who work on our behalf, are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly processes. All booth construction systems are designed for a durable life circle. Special plywood constructions are offered only in exceptional cases. Lighting systems are consistently developed to LED technology. Power cuts overnight for unused consumer work by time schedule automatically. Reusable packaging for beverages have become standard. High-quality polycarbonate cups and mugs reduce the risk of accidents and are involved in a long-lasting value chain.We choose sustainable locally transportation to reduce individual transportation. Regional products during an event help to promote the site and the sustainabilitiy.

Since August 2013 we are a regular member of

Business Hanse

The old businessmen traditions - a deal by handshake is our philosophy - have a high priority and attemp to our mutual trust in confidence of business.